Wiper Arm and Blades

This wiper arm puller with adjustable pressure plate with closing spring is versatile applicable. Simple and easy to fit. A natural soft rubber, high-performance wiper blade. Flat design with precision-tensioned, dual steel spring for uniform pressure along the whole blade. Precision cut wiping edge for maximum clearance of water from the windscreen. Aerodynamic design reduces wind lift at speed.

  • Resistant to Heat & Cold
  • OEM Quality
  • Universal Fit



Wiper arm | Wiper Blade online car wiper blade value, particularly when comparing the larger sizes. It performs well overall and you will be buying these again. There is a downside though, not with the wiper itself, but with the instructions. Photographs are used and the graininess makes the different fittings for different styles of wiper arm a bit difficult to distinguish. Line diagrams would probably be better. A little perseverance and patience were needed, so try to choose a day when it is not raining to fit them! But the result is worth it.


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